Beat the Heat with Refreshing Pinoy Summer Coolers

It’s almost summer season especially since it’s been really hot and humid. Apart from cooling down with ice-cold water, there’s no better way to quench down your thirst than Pinoy Summer Coolers. They’re the most popular Filipino shaved ice treat.

Manila Prince Hotel has come up with cool summer drinks to beat the summer heat.

Mais con Yelo is a tasty and refreshing summer delight! Maís con yelo translates to “corn with ice” in Spanish. Sweet corn, sweetened shaved ice, and corn flake cereal are piled in this dish, which is topped with handmade corn ice cream.

Saba con yelo is simply “minatamis na saging” (banana with caramel sauce) topped with shaved ice and milk. It is made with saba bananas sweetened in brown sugar syrup, shaved ice, milk, and sometimes, sago pearls. 

Sago at Gulaman is a traditional Filipino beverage comprised of brown sugar, water, gelatin, and tapioca pearls. Sago refers to tapioca pearls while gulaman is the Filipino term for gelatin. This beverage is one of the most popular in the country along with halo-halo.

Stay cool all summer long with our Pinoy Summer Coolers: Saging con Yelo, Sago’t Gulaman, and Mais con Yelo at Marcelino St. Café for only Php120 nett each.